December 9, 2020

Official Approval on Modification of Safety Measures for JNFL's MOX Fuel Fabrication Business 

Today, JNFL received permission from the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) on modification of safety measures for JNFL's MOX fuel fabrication business.

Regarding the MOX fuel fabrication plant, we applied to NRA for the modification of safety measures for our MOX fuel fabrication business in compliance with the new regulatory standards in January 2014, and safety reviews by the NRA lasted for about 7 years. This regulation is said to have institutionalized the highest level of safety requirements in the world. We believe today's permission is a big step toward the completion and subsequent safety operation of the MOX fuel fabrication plant.

We firmly and surely materialize the safety improvement measures into the plant to make it much safer.

JNFL employees, group companies and contracting companies keep working as one team to make every effort toward the completion of the MOX fuel fabrication plant.