Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

April 1, 2015

In compliance with the management policy, the Quality Policy is set forth as follows. JNFL is committed to pro-actively promoting activities for developing a safety culture along with continuously improving the quality assurance activities together with the subcontractors, while continuing to improve the technical capabilities and thoroughly enforcing the principle of 'site first'.

Further, we shall re-acknowledge our mission of "Establishing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle", pay close attention to safety, and further strengthen the trust of communities based on the lessons learned from the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, and each employee of the company shall perform his/her work with responsibility and pride so that the company continues to grow.

  1. To give maximum priority to safety
  2. To abide by laws and rules
  3. To incorporate proactive measures for problems and non-conformances
  4. To practise prompt notification and active disclosure of information
  5. To live up to our consumers' expectations

Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited
President Kenji Kudo

Quality Assurance

To provide methods for managing the systematic implementation of activities that influence quality.

Quality Assurance System

A system that provides the policy and goals to direct and control quality in an organization, and ensures that the goals are achieved.

Quality Assurance Activities

Efforts to improve JNFL's quality assurance system

Major quality assurance activities

  1. Top Management (President) takes the lead in quality assurance activities
  2. Quality Assurance Department are conducting internal audits thoroughly
  3. Quality assurance related organizations in Reprocessing Division were expanded and reinforced
  4. Appropriate staff allocation and training, focusing on quality assurance
  5. Thorough quality assurance activities including the partner companies
  6. Efforts to acquire the reliance of local stakeholders
  7. The program to receive information related to business ethics violation was established