About Us

Mission and Values

JNFL's Mission

Our mission is to establish a nuclear fuel cycle and produce new energy for the future.

Japan depends on imports for almost all of its energy resources. Therefore, securing domestic energy resources by promoting the use of alternative energy resources is very important for Japan, and it is necessary to proceed in a way to keep a good balance with economic efficiency to realize a stable energy supply in the future. Both nuclear generation and its supporting nuclear fuel cycle are necessary to achieve this task.

As a licensee of nuclear fuel cycle businesses including Reprocessing, MOX Fuel Fabrication, Vitrified Waste Storage, Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal and Uranium Enrichment, we are committed to the safe operation of our facilities, achieving nuclear nonproliferation. We must fulfill the peaceful use of nuclear energy and make proactive contributions to this field by sharing our experiences.

JNFL's Corporate Values

We strive to greatly value people who work together and people in the community and to challenge cutting-edge technologies from around the world in order to build up a global foothold in the nuclear industry at Rokkasho-mura.

JNFL values its employees and their families to promote our businesses. We are aiming to develop an attractive working environment where we work under healthy conditions to establish a nuclear fuel cycle. To achieve this purpose, we must help and respect each other.

We have been supported by the understanding and cooperation of the community over the years, during the construction of the nuclear fuel cycle facilities at Rokkasho-mura. We are grateful for people from the community and promise them to make our best efforts in order to build a trusting relationship between JNFL and the community, which is the closest stakeholder. On this account, we operate our facilities giving the top priority to safety. We believe this will contribute to the development of the community as well as the improvement of the quality of life in the community.

It is necessary to maintain technical skills and abilities to respond properly at operation fields for the stable operation of our nuclear fuel cycle facilities. We continue to foster human resources and upgrade our technical skills, challenging to achieve the world’s top level of nuclear fuel cycle technologies.

We are eager for Rokkasho-mura to be well- known globally as a significant base of the nuclear fuel cycle, which can help in the development of society.

Basic Management Policy

In order to accomplish the mission, our basic management policy shall be as follows:

  1. To give maximum priority to safety
  2. To nurture human beings and technology
  3. To develop with the local community
  4. To live up to our consumer's expectations
  5. To strengthen the financial base