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President's Message

At Rokkasho-mura in Aomori Prefecture blessed with a rich natural environment, Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL) operates the Uranium Enrichment Plant, Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Center, Vitrified Waste Storage Center, and Spent Fuel Receiving & Storage Facility with the understanding and cooperation of the people of the community, and we are moving forward with test operation of the Reprocessing Plant, which will recycle spent fuel no longer used at nuclear power plants, as well as construction of the MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant.

These facilities are currently undergoing reviews to verify their conformity to Japan's new regulatory requirements, which were formulated taking into account lessons learned from the accidents at Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, knowledge available from other countries, and other information.

Moreover, during the active tests conducted at the Reprocessing Plant, through test operation of the vitrification facility and other facilities, we have surmounted a variety of difficulties and issues step-by-step and accumulated technology necessary for full-scale operation.
JNFL as an integral element supporting Japan's energy future will work together to complete the Reprocessing Plant, which will serve as a key component of the nuclear fuel cycle enabling us to fulfill our mission “to establish a nuclear fuel cycle and produce new energy for the future.”

More than anything else, we are able to operate thanks to the trust that the people of the community have placed in us. We will always keep this in mind as we continue to advance our operations giving top priority to safety and never forgetting the gratitude to the people of the community who have supported the nuclear fuel cycle operation for so many years.

Naohiro Masuda
Executive President and CEO
Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited