February 28, 2017

Monthly Press Conference

Today, President Kenji Kudo held a monthly press conference in Aomori City and talked about "JNFL’s response to a regulatory authority’s order to submit a report on quality assurance" and the "status of response to the New Regulatory Requirements”.

JNFL’s Response to a Regulatory Authority’s Order to Submit a Report on Quality Assurance

On January 30, JNFL submitted a report to the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA).  Two review meetings have been held since then, with the NRA stating that the report, although comprehensive, lacked focus and obscured key issues, making it difficult to understand what the main causes were and what corrective actions have been taken.

In response, JNFL has submitted a revised report to the NRA, clarifying the “direct cause” of the case in question, and detailing each organizational unit’s corrective action plan.

The report collection order was issued against the serious issue of JNFL’s quality management system having failed to function properly.  Defining it as the top priority management task, JNFL will make company-wide efforts to ensure swift implementation of corrective actions.  I, for one, will lead all the employees in working toward improving safety and quality, while ensuring to prevent the recurrence.

Status of Response to the New Regulatory Requirements

Review meetings for the Reprocessing Plant and the MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant were held as closed sessions on January 23 and February 14 respectively.

In the meetings, JNFL provided explanation about measures in place to contain the discharge of radioactive materials in the event of a large-scale damage to the facilities.

On February 15, JNFL provided response to comments about the evaluation of volcanic eruption’s impact and other issues on the Reprocessing Plant and the MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant.  With regard to the MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant, JNFL offered response to the maximum amount of nuclear fuel materials that can be handled at the site, and explained the results of re-evaluation on the possibility of criticality under the limit.

In the review meeting scheduled for March 6, JNFL plans to provide explanation about “response to large-scale facility damage” and “control of the discharge of radioactive materials outside the facilities” concerning the Reprocessing Plant and MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant, as well as offering response to issues that have been highlighted.

As for the Uranium Enrichment Plant and the Vitrified Waste Storage Center, explanation on all required items has been provided, with their respective revised reports being prepared.

Concerning the issues of ground foundation and earthquakes, a summary review meeting was held in December last year, with the NRA acknowledging that JNFL has made generally appropriate considerations as a whole.

As explained thus far, reviews for all the facilities are progressing well.  JNFL will continue to carefully offer responses to any issues as they become identified.