December 14, 2010

Press Release

Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd.

The renewal of centrifuges

(1) The progress of renovation work for new-model centrifuges

  • The first step of this renovation work is to replace 75tSWU/y units. This work will be divided into two phases, the first half will be completed by September 2011 and the latter half by September 2012.
  • The manufacturing of new-model centrifuges started in April this year. 50% of the equipment for the first phase has been manufactured.

(2) Suspension of operation using existing centrifuges (RE-2B)

In order to advance the renovation work of installing new model centrifuges in most safe condition, uranium remaining in the existing process will be once collected.
In this respect, we have suspended the operation of all existing centrifuge system on December 15.